Art Nouveau in Commercy and Euville

The Flesh Pharmacy

Pharmacie Flesch
Pharmacie Flesch

The Industrial Revolution that took place in Europe during the 19th century had much influence on society. However, a totally different artistic movement appeared in England around 1890: Art Nouveau, which stood out from the past and from the industrial rectilinear, geometric style. This movement drew on the nature and the vegetable world with their beautiful curves and counter curves, for example thanks to plants, trees, mushrooms... All the artistic fields were affected - from architecture to glass-making and cabinet-making... The schools developed throughout Europe; one of the most famous was located in Nancy, near Commercy. That’s why you can find here outstanding creations as the Flesh Pharmacy, the houses located “rue des Capucins”, the ceiling of the savings bank “Caisse d’épargne”, as well as the city hall in Euville...

As shown in the picture opposite, the pharmacy - which was built in 1907 - houses beautiful stained-glass windows. The facade was designed by the architect Eugène Vallin, from the École de Nancy.

“Caisse d’épargne” (located “Place du Général de Gaulle”)

The town hall of Euville

1.8 mile away from Commercy

The town hall of Euville was built in 1907 by the architect Henri Gutton; its sculptures are from Eugène Vallin and its stained-glass windows from Jacques Gruber.

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