Autumn truffles


The Meuse valley is a truffle area thanks to its calcareous soil. You can pick here several kinds of truffles, as tuber uncinatum or “Bourgogne truffle”, tuber melanosporum, tuber mesentericum or “Meuse truffle”… The mesentericum truffle - which develops its best flavor exactly in this region - is the easiest to find. And local restaurateurs have always known it! In this way, the mesentericum truffle is better known as Meuse truffle. Since the beginning of the 1980s, fans as Gilbert Lorsin and Lucien Ballureau have campaigned for the Meuse truffle promotion: the facilities in Boncourt-sur-Meuse have been established thanks to them.

This truffle area has belonged to the “Communauté de Communes” of the Land of Commercy since 2004.

The tuber mesentericum or Meuse truffle

Its surface is very black and smooth.

It has a potent, distinct characteristic smell: phenolic, bituminous mainly before maturity, a smell of terpene, as well as bitter almond aromas or apricot seeds aromas when mature.

The highly powerful aromas of the mesenteric truffle stand up well to cooking - better than any other truffle.


Harvest time: from September, 15th to January, 15th (it depends on weather conditions).

The tuber uncinatum aestivum or Bourgogne truffle

Better known as Bourgogne truffle or Champagne truffle, the tuber uncinatum aestivum has a taste of hazelnut and a colour of coffee or chocolate.

Its surface is black and hard with a particular relief due to more or less big and prominent pyramidal warts.

This truffle comes from the East of France and is usually gathered in Champagne, in Haute-Marne, but you can find it even in Poland. It is sometimes called “grey truffle”, but if you look at it, you will realise that it isn’t grey at all.


Harvest time: from September, 15th to January, 15th (it depends on weather conditions).


It is well worth a visit!

Maison des Truffes et de la Trufficulture boncourt-sur-Meuse

Unique in the East of France!


In Boncourt-sur-Meuse - 3 miles away from Commercy - come and visit the “Maison des Truffes et de la Trufficulture”.


Truffle market from October to December, truffle meals and tasting, harvest with a truffle dog…

Group visits all year round by reservation.


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