Here are 7 good reasons why you should come and visit us to the Tourist Office...

Our interpretive space within the Stanislaw Castle...

Thanks to both of our interpretive space and our documentation, you will immerse yourself in the history of the Stanislaw Castle.


Secure, free WiFi access

within our comfortable space, with your tablet or laptop.


Rent a bike for a ride with a friend or by yourself!

For a day or half of a day, find out green places next to the heart of the city.


Lots of ideas in order to make your trip a success!

Personalized advice for all ages which will enable you to enjoy your stay in Commercy and the surroundings.

We are here to help you

in finding activities and/or booking an accommodation, even at the last minute. We will always do our best in order to make your stay easier.

Come and see our store!

Among the postcards, the mugs, the madeleine bags and the historical books... We are sure that you will find what you are looking for here!

Are you organizing a group travel?

Whatever your needs, we can offer you suited services to meet your expectations.

There is more to discover...

 The Pass Lorraine is free, with no need to buy, and available at the Tourist Office of the Land of Commercy and at all the Tourist                                   Offices of Lorraine.


The 100 Most Beautiful Detours of France: The guide is freely available at the Tourist Office of the Land of Commercy and in the other member cities.

We offer you guided and free visits in Commercy and the surroundings!



Discover the natural environment while enjoying our entertainments.

See program here